About us

Vision and mision. Activities, principles, aims. Membership.


The vision of the Artemus Association is a world of peace and prosperity in which all people are equally involved in the creation of a humane society and are free to express their creative potential for the benefit of the humanity, plant and animal world, the whole planet Earth, and beyond.


The mission of the Artemus Association is to design and implement various activities that promote and stimulate creativity, healthy lifestyles, education, environmental and nature conservation, equality of people and emphasize the importance of those for the wellbeing of individuals and society as a whole.

Areas of activities

Arts and culture
Education, science, research
International collaboration
Health protection
Democratic political culture
Human rights
Environment and nature protection

Governing principles

Independence of organisation. Ethical principles of responsibility, impartiality, transparency, democracy and equality in organizational management and the manifestation of the will of the members, principles of responsibility of the individual and organization for work, respect for diversity of attitudes, thoughts, ideas, national, gender, social, sexual, religious, academic and all other differences and for freedom of choice.

The association opposes any form of discrimination and harassment.



  • improving the quality of life through promoting and encouraging creativity in all areas
  • promoting and promoting prevention and improvement of health, healthy lifestyle and personal development
  • informing, sensitizing and educating the general public about the importance of creativity for the development of children, youth, the general population and society
  • encouraging innovative practices and freedom of expression
  • informing, sensitizing and educating the general public about ecological ways of contributing to the health of the planet
  • promoting sustainable development and environmental protection
  • encouraging and enabling lifelong learning and adult education
  • promoting the values ​​of equality, compassion, justice, and tolerance as the fundamental values ​​on which a healthy society is based upon
  • commitment to freedom of development of individuals and freedom of their creative, cultural, artistic, spiritual and other expressions

A regular member

Any individual and any legal organisation with residence or headquarters in Croatia or abroad, which are interested in fulfilling the Association’s aims and accept the vision and mission, principles aims and Statute of the Association, can become a regular member of the Artemus.

By joining the Artemus Association as a regular member, you will have the opportunity to develop your creative projects and express your personal creative potential. The Association allows regular members a discount to participate in all the events they organize. Membership is 300 kunas per year. Regular members receive a membership card.


An individual or legal organisation with residence or headquarters in Croatia or abroad, who accepts the vision and mission, principles, aims, and Statute of the Association but participates from time to time in work and activities, may become a supporting member of the Artemus. Supporting members receive regular notifications and information about the activities of the Association.

If you choose to become a supporting member, you don’t pay the membership fee but will not have discounts when participating in the Association’s activities.